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Cuyabeno is one of the places with the highest concentration of wildlife on the planet, both flora and fauna, and you can be part of this wonderful natural experience. With the canoe trips and walks, you can observe the variety of orchids, monkeys, reptiles, birds, which accompanied by beautiful sunrises and sunsets will be part of your best memories that will also have the pleasure of shooting. The adventure includes paddling activities through its rivers for three days and also discovers the night life in the jungle sleeping in tents for one night. The experience is complemented with a visit to a Secoya Indigenous Community, who will share part of their culinary traditions, so you will learn to make the casabe, typical bread in the Amazon Region. In addition, your accommodation site is located in an isolated region far from other lodges deep in the Amazon Rainforest, for this reason you can really feel far from the civilization and in contact with nature.

Day 1: Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Your journey starts with a 2 hour drive from Lago Agrio (9:30am) to “Tierras Orientales” Village at shore of the Aguarico River. Here you will start your fantastic Amazon Rainforest experience by navigating on a motorized canoe downstream along this beautiful white water river. After approximately 2.5 hours of navigation we´ll arrive at the mouth of the Cuyabeno River, a small and breathtaking blackwater river which is a tributary of the Aguarico. During this first relaxing journey we`ll make a stop for a delicious picnic lunch and if you wish, a refreshing swim. We continue navigating upstream along the Cuyabeno River to the Lodge (45 min approx.) During this journey you have great chances of watching wildlife including the legendary pink and the grey Freshwater Dolphins. Our staff will welcome you with a cold drink before accompany you to your cabin. At night and before dinner you take a short hike where it is possible to see giant insects, spiders, snakes and enjoy the fantastic sounds of the night life in the Amazon. Return to the Lodge.  (Meals included: Lunch, welcome beverage and dinner)

Day 2: Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Paddling Activity (Clay Lick – Puerto Bolívar)

Early in the morning and by motorized canoe we´ll navigate towards a place called “Saladero” or Salt licks (Clay Licks) where Parrots of different species show up at these sites in large numbers to get the minerals they need to help digest some toxics they have consumed together with their diet. Under favorable conditions and with some luck we´ll enjoy this natural spectacle. You also visit the impressive Bird Watching tower, built around a giant Ceiba Pentandra tree; this tower is the tallest in the Cuyabeno wildlife Reserve.

After a hearty breakfast we´ll navigate by motorized canoe upstream Cuyabeno River to “Puerto Montufar” our starting point of your fantastic paddling experience. After introductions, we’ll distribute group gear and provisions before loading the paddling canoes. We will also take as much time as you need to pack and load your personal gear. Before starting, we’ll have a quick briefing covering the day’s itinerary and a review of paddling canoes safety procedures. After this orientation we start this fantastic Amazon Rainforest experience by paddling canoes downstream along this beautiful Black water River. During this quieter and enjoyable journey you have great chances of observing wildlife including Monkeys, Parrots and Macaws. Approximately 5 hours after soft paddling we´ll arrive at the lodge. During this first journey you have a stop for a delicious picnic lunch and if you wish, a refreshing swim.

At night and by motorized canoe we´ll navigate on Cuyabeno River searching for night wildlife which includes Night birds, Snakes, Bats, Caimans, Frogs and more. Return to the campsite and Dinner. Paddling distance 20Km (12 miles)

(Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 3: Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Paddling Activity (Aguas Negras River)

After breakfast and by motorized canoe we´ll navigate towards Aguas Negras River a small beautiful tributary of the Cuyabeno River. You will start a hike in the marvelous primary Amazon rainforest, one of the most biologically rich places on Earth. Here our experienced naturalist guide will explain you about life in the Amazon Rainforest. During the walk you also have a chance to admire the majestic Kapoc (Ceiba Pentandra) a giant tree that towers over the rest of the forest. After the walk you have time for a refreshing swim. . Today for lunch you will enjoy “Maito” a typical delicious traditional Kichwa meal. The Maito is an Amazonian dish that consists of a wrap of fish meat; vegetables such as palmito, chontaduro (fruit of the palm); fish and vegetables are seasoned with salt and wrapped in bijao leaves (llaki panga). In the afternoon you will paddle downstream Cuyabeno until the sun sets over a beautiful landscape. Return to the Lodge. (Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 4: Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Paddling Activity – Campsite in the Secoya Indigenous Territory

Early in the morning and by motorized canoe we´ll navigate slowly on the Cuyabeno River with great chances of observing wildlife. This area is a pristine Rainforest with little impact from human activity. During this bird watching experience you have great chances of observing many of the 500 species of birds that exists in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

After breakfast and a relaxing time at the lodge, we´ll start paddling canoes down Cuyabeno River for about 3 hours. Return to the Lodge by motorized canoe to prepare ourselves for departing the Lodge.

After Lunch and by motorized canoe we´ll navigate downstream along the Cuyabeno River to its mouth in the great Aguarico River with more chances of watching wildlife including fresh water dolphins. From the mouth of Cuyabeno River we´ll continue upstream along the white waters of Aguarico River. Our motorized canoe will take us to the Secoya Native territory where you will spend the night in comfortable Tents. At night and before dinner we can take a second night walk. (Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 5: Secoya Indigenous Territory – Lago Agrio

After an early breakfast we´ll go for an interesting walk with a Secoya Indigenous guide who will explain us about medicinal plants used by this native people for their survival. After the walk and together with a Secoya Indigenous family you will be part of the making of the Casabe bread (Manioc or Yuca) starting from the extraction of the Casabe roots to the final product that consist of a large, round and flat bread. Casabe is an important part of the Indigenous people’s traditional diet. You will also make your own chocolate using dry Cocoa beans, first you will roast them then our next step in chocolate making is to grind the roasted beans to obtain a delicious homemade chocolate. Here your lunch includes Casabe bread and chocolate.

After lunch, a short trip by motorized canoe will take us to Tierras Orientales village from where our car will drive us back to the City of Lago Agrio (arrival at about 4 pm.) for you to take a bus or flight back to Quito.



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  • Lodging in ecological cabins. Double, triple or multiple accommodations.
  • Tents, bedding and camping mattress.


  • Expert Bilingual Guide and local guides.


  • Full meals from the lunch on the first day until the lunch on the last day.
  • Purified water, coffee or tea available permanently.


  • Private land transportation Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno – Lago Agrio.  
  • Motorized canoe for the excursions according to the itinerary.
  • Paddling canoes

Entrance to activities

  • Bird watching tower.
  • Activities with the Secoya community.

Additional Equipment for activities

  • Lifevest  
  • Rubber boots (up to No 45)
  • Life jackets
  • Raincoat (Poncho)
  • Biodegradable soap in the Lodge and camp

Extra services

  • Airport and bus station transfers in Lago Agrio.


  • Transportation Quito – Lago Agrio – Quito.

Activities outside the itinerary

  • Entrance fees for extreme sports and additional activities.


  • You can purchase travel insurance according to your needs by your own.

Important for considering:

In cases of force majeure and / or fortuitous event, the Operator reserves the right to make the respective modifications in the itinerary, trying to change as little as possible the travel proposal initially presented. Cases of force majeure are those unforeseen situations external to the nature of the tour, such as: natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, fires, floods, damages caused by landslides or earthquakes, pandemics or epidemics, popular demonstrations, road closures and / or factors of risk before which a state authority prohibits the entrance to a certain zone, etc.

It is recommended to purchase travel insurance according to your needs.

In case of cancellation, the penalty is 30% of the total value if it’s made 20 days before the start of the tour and 100% if it’s made 5 days before the tour.

Our tourist packages are adjustable to requirements of tourist.

What to bring: 
Long-sleeved Cotton T-shirts, T-shirts, Cotton socks, Shorts, Sandals or walking shoes, Light wind-breaker, First aid kit, Swimming suit and towel, biodegradable soap, Hat or cap, Sunglasses with a strap, One small waterproof daypack, Insect repellent, Sun block and Sunburn lotion, Zip lock plastic bags, Camera and spare camera batteries, Flashlight (torch) with spare batteries, Binoculars, Notepad/pen.



Rates valid for the Year 2019, apply for holidays.

 2 or more peole
$ 690

In case of you want to travel alone, you must pay a supplement of 30%.


Days for departures: Monday and Thursday. From 5 passengers, we have departures everyday.

To reserve the following information is necessary: copy of passport, email, food restrictions and allergies.

The 50% of the total tour value must be paid at the time of reservation, and 100% of the value 20 days before the start of the tour

If the payment is made with a credit card, you must pay an additional 10% to the total value, for the transaction made.

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