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Ecuador has been described as one of the countries with the greatest mega diversity in the world due to its geographical, climatic, and cultural characteristics, among others; therefore, one of those with the highest concentration of biodiversity per unit area, “HOT SPOTS IN BIODIVERSITY” located in strategic places such as; the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, the cloud forest of the Cordillera flanks, the Choco region and the Galapagos Islands; All these places are within a network of and Protected Natural Areas; Currently our agency develops its operations in some of these Natural Areas, always working in conjunction with communities settled in these areas, this way we can provide a comfort-type adventure service, because we have the best equipment and camps to be able to provide a high quality service to our passengers and also, with the collaboration of bilingual naturalist guides of great Waiting to strengthen future bonds of friendship and work, we put ourselves at your service with our office located in Quito. ECUADOR, South America

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